COVID-19 Field Hospital Cape Town, COVID-19 Triage and Testing Facilities
COVID-19 Field Hospitals around the Western Cape Pretty much, the whole Events Industry collapsed in a matter of days following the lockdown announcement. We did not know how things were going to pan out over the coming weeks and months during lockdown, and we were bracing for anything that was going to come our way. When we were able to build various COVID-19 Field Hospitals, Triage & Testing Facilities and other medical facilities for the Western Cape Government Health Department, we...
Team work, maruqee, Covid-19, Field Hospitals, temporary infrastructure
Teamwork in the time of COVID-19 Wow! This has been a huge adjustment. The lockdown, although very necessary has had a huge impact on every single industry. The events industry in Cape Town ground to a halt straight after the Cycle Tour. However, in all fairness, there were only a handful of public events that were cancelled due to the lockdown. The majority of the seasons’ events went on, by large, unaffected, which we are grateful for. Another thing we are grateful for is being able to...
marquee, tents, disaster relief infrastructure, temporary medical facilities
Covid-19 Disaster relief turnkey infrastructure We are extremely grateful that we are able to offer a full turnkey solution for disaster relief during the Covid-19 outbreak. We are able to facilitate any temporary infrastructure for: Hospitals, Medical Triage, Laboratories Quarantine facilities, Medical Facilities, Testing Stations, Medical staff sleeping quarters near their hospitals and other structures that may be necessary. We are able to provide a full turnkey solution including: flooring...
marquee, tents, events, events in South Africa, Corona virus, Marquee events in Cape Town
March Madness with a mild dose of Corona panic Each year when we gear up for season, especially in the Western Cape, there are always peak months that dictate the eventing landscape. One of those months has always been March, and despite the Corona virus orbiting our planet, we have managed to keep it at bay long enough to stay on track with at least some of the events this month. We can’t say what will happen from April, as the worldwide trend is to cancel all public gatherings in the near...
Custom built event structures, structure design, event structures
Showcasing Innovation: Custom Built Event Structures We have had the privilege of being approached by numerous clients to conceptualize, design and build custom event structures for different event applications. Our innovation team really enjoy thinking out of the box, and come up with different solutions based on clients’ needs and budgets. We are extremely proud to showcase 2 on the most recent custom built event structures. Art Gallery | Design Indaba The Design Indaba is a 3 day multi-...
Match in Africa, marquee, tents, events in Cape Town
February is a hot month for awesome events on the Cape Town calendar It seems that March has a bit of competition when it comes to awesome events around Cape Town. February is closing the gap when it comes to the busiest month on the Cape Town events calendar. Luckily for us, we are involved in one way or another, in some of the coolest Cape Town events around. Here is a list of all the Cape Town events worth noting: Cape Town 10’s Arguably, one of the best sporting events in Cape Town. “ Cape...
Transparent marquee wedding, Marquee hire Cape Town
Transparent Marquee Weddings – the perfect alternative to any wedding venue Getting married? Looking for inspiration? Running out of ideas? Most often, beautiful venues have gloomy conference-rooms that they hire out for weddings, with high office looking ceiling, echo -y acoustics and clunky furniture. Hiring a transparent marquee for your wedding solves all those problems! A transparent marquee is anything but gloomy! The heavenly sky becomes your ceiling, the chirping birds echo throughout...
marquee, tents, snow peaks, LQP2020, Racing its a rush, Marquee events in Cape Town
L'Ormarins Queen's Plate 2020 kicks off the year nicely There is always a sweet sense of anticipation in Cape Town for the year’s first event – The L’Ormarins Queens Plate. The Event is filled to the brim with style and luxury. Chattels has been proudly supplying event infrastructure for L’Ormarins Queens Plate since the early 2000’s. As the event progressed through the years, we were able to supply most of the event infrastructure required. Our amazing client, Flower Walker, owner of the...
Maruqee on tennis court, tent on tennis court, marquee hire JHB, Tent hire JHB
5 Places you didn’t consider when hosting an event in a marquee or tent In order to host a successful event in a marquee or tent there are a few things to consider. Space would be one of them. When you need to hire a marquee, you might think that you would need a huge lawn, right? Wrong! There are ways around everything, and this is one of those things. See below a list of unexpected places to host an event in a marquee or tent: 5 Place to build a marquee or tent for an event: The Tennis court...
Biggest Marquee is SA, Marquee event, JHB events, Marquee tent, marquee hire, event marquee, event management,JHB events,marquee South Africa, Biggest Marquee is SA, Marquee event, JHB events, Marquee tent, marquee hire, event marquee, event management,JHB events,marquee South Africa
Biggest marquee in Chattels History! We have been fortunate enough to build the biggest and longest marquee we have ever built, for this weekend's Festival of Motoring happening at Kyalami . We seriously are beyond thrilled! In the event industry there are a few parameters that dictate the size of each event. Location is key, then there's budgets, sponsors, suppliers and of course the people that the event is catered to. the Festival of Motoring is one of those events that has everything to...


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