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Marquee Weddings – the perfect alternative to any wedding venue during COVID lockdown It’s been a year of hard lockdown. A year of very little fun and celebration. But as the seasons change and our lockdown restrictions have eased somewhat, there are still a few weeks of beautiful, balmy weather to take advantage of. Much to our relief, we have found that there are lots of last-minute weddings being booked. The trend for weddings now is to keep them small and intimate. To keep the numbers down...
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Custom Build Structures for Events – Design Indaba Another great example of a custom build structure was used at the Design Indaba last year. It was one of the last event that happened in Cape Town before the Pandemic hit our shores. This structure was used for the Emerging Creatives exhibition space, and the client wanted it to look industrial, stand out and look inviting. We built 4 identical units. Two units on each pod, on either side of the entrance to the Design Indaba. Each pod was built...
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Custom Built Structures for Events – Glenfiddich Challengers Club Over the last couple of years we have ventured into a new and exciting territory of custom built structures that can be flat-packed and transported to any location, and set up in a few short hours. These new custom built structures have been used on various events around the country, and because they are custom built, they all look very different. The versatility of the structures can be best seen with the Glenfiddichs’...
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Chattels Black Friday Special Chattels will be running their first ever Black Friday special. All you need to do is: Book your event Infrastructure (Marquees, Bedouin Tents, Flooring) with us Pay 50% deposit by the 15th December Receive 20% off your quote The Black Friday Special is valid from November 27th until 8th December 2020 and can be used for events up until the end of 2021 Email us today! Check out a video of the possibilities!
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Constantia Gift Fair - The 1st proper public event in Cape Town since the lockdown The Constantia Gift Fair has always been the darling of the event calendar leading up to Christmas. We have been involved with The Gift Fair for 9 out of their 10 years, and it’s been one of the events that have grown in size and attendance year on year. This year is no exception, even with the lockdown and the move to The Baxter Theatre , the Gift Fair was buzzing with eager shoppers and thankful vendors. The...
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Final matric exams and the pandemic The sheer versatility of our structures have been evident this year. As we started the year with our usual events, we were blissfully unaware of what was about to unfold. In the height of the pandemic we were able to assist the Health Department with field hospitals, and structures that housed macerator units which decontaminated medical waste before it went to landfill. Now, as we are slowly regaining our semblance of normality, and our scholars are back...
COVID-19 exam venues, temporary exam venues, social distancing exam venues
Attention all schools and tertiary educational institutions! 6 Reason to hire marquees for your school exams. Temporary solutions to keep your students safe and socially distanced. Chances are your school or tertiary educational institution is preparing for the imminent 2020 exam season. Only this year it’s a totally different ball game altogether! The new social distancing protocol is proving difficult to institute in the existing buildings of many schools and campuses. Here are a few reasons...
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The last time we blogged about our team was almost 4 years ago. And although not much has changes, in the same token, absolutely everything has changed. Our new General Manager, Mandy Mulder has joined our team. Mandy had been with Chattels for 9 years before leaving in 2009. Luckily for us, Mandy found her way back a month before the COVID pandemic hit the world, totally changing the landscape of events for the unforeseeable future. With our Director, Paul Clarke , Mandy secured numerous...
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Containerized units With the COVID pandemic not showing signs of slowing down, we have had the get creative with the available resources in order to provide infrastructure for the Health Department. As the lockdown was announced in March, we were asked to rollout Marquee structures for the testing centres around the Western Cape. Some of these testing centres can be converted into field hospitals, if/when the need arises. Now we are in the process of rolling out new containerised units that can...
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COVID-19 Field Hospitals around the Western Cape Pretty much, the whole Events Industry collapsed in a matter of days following the lockdown announcement. We did not know how things were going to pan out over the coming weeks and months during lockdown, and we were bracing for anything that was going to come our way. When we were able to build various COVID-19 Field Hospitals, Triage & Testing Facilities and other medical facilities for the Western Cape Government Health Department, we...


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