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Created on Friday, 12 Feb 2021 10:07:08

Custom Built Structures for Events – Glenfiddich Challengers Club

Over the last couple of years we have ventured into a new and exciting territory of custom built structures that can be flat-packed and transported to any location, and set up in a few short hours.

These new custom built structures have been used on various events around the country, and because they are custom built, they all look very different.

The versatility of the structures can be best seen with the Glenfiddichs’ Challengers Club. It was coined the Travelling Billboard Bar, a beautiful structure that toured around the country.

It was initially erected in Sandton on top of a mezzanine of the 24 Central building.

After Sandton it relocating to Cafe La Plage in Umhlanga, Durban and finishing off the tour at the Victoria &Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town.


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It was a double storey custom built structure that gave the Billboard Bar the height that it needed to stand out, be seen and get noticed. The bottom of the structure was used as a storeroom. 

In all 3 cities the main structures stayed the same, however the areas around was the unit changed to suit the location.

The multi-functional structure was used as a Tasting Room, a Round Table Podcast Recording Studio and a Networking space for South Africa’s mavericks, designers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Have a look at the Top Billing insert to see what it was all about.


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