Custom Build Structures for Events – Design Indaba

Created on Thursday, 18 Feb 2021 09:51:39

Custom Build Structures for Events – Design Indaba

Another great example of a custom build structure was used at the Design Indaba last year. It was one of the last event that happened in Cape Town before the Pandemic hit our shores. This structure was used for the Emerging Creatives exhibition space, and the client wanted it to look industrial, stand out and look inviting.

 We built 4 identical units. Two units on each pod, on either side of the entrance to the Design Indaba.  Each pod was built on a raised platform with a set of tiered steps leading up to the exhibition space.

The structures were built in front of the Artscapes' Theatre in Cape Town.

 This posed 3 challenges:

-The area is paved with parking underneath, so we could not peg any of the structures down.

-The clients didn’t want to see concrete blocks – which was the only other way to secure the structures.

-That part of Cape Town is infamous for incredible wind speeds. (Think back to the Cycle Tour that was cancelled due to sever winds) 

Click here or Pic below to see a video by Erik Kritzinger just after the start, when the bikes lifted off the ground like sails.

Cape Town South Easter, Windy City, Cape Town

Innovation - Custom Built 


Our innovative owner Paul Clarke along with our manufacturing manager came up with this unique solution... Our decking team work with our marquee crew to align all the concrete blocks under the decking to line up with the legs of the structures.

Cape Town Events, Design Indaba, Cape Town, Event Infrastructure
The outcome was perfect - a safe and seamless structure, that looked sleek and refined.


Cape Town Events, Design Indaba, Cape Town, Event Infrastructure

 CHeck out the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives Video from last year

Design Indaba, Cape Town events, Infrastructure, Event infrastructure


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