Attention all schools and tertiary educational institutions!

Created on Monday, 07 Sep 2020 12:44:08

Attention all schools and tertiary educational institutions!

6 Reason to hire marquees for your school exams. Temporary solutions to keep your students safe and socially distanced.

COVID-19 exam venues, temporary exam venues, social distancing exam venuesCOVID-19 exam venues, temporary exam venues, social distancing exam venues

Chances are your school or tertiary educational institution is preparing for the imminent 2020 exam season. Only this year it’s a totally different ball game altogether!

 The new social distancing protocol is proving difficult to institute in the existing buildings of many schools and campuses. Here are a few reasons why marquees are the perfect solution:

  1. The timeframe to build is usually under a week, depending on size and number of structures required.  Rapid deployment of our crew and stock means you don’t have to wait to get the structure/s build quickly.  When the structures are no longer needed, removal just takes 1 – 3 days max.
  2. Affordable solution with discounted monthly rate.
  3. We can build according to the requirements needed, whether its one big venue or multiple smaller venues. We can also build interleading walkways if necessary.
  4. We can build almost anywhere: sports fields, along walkways, tennis courts, netball courts, parking lots, etc
  5. The marquees can be opened to have maximum airflow. Or closed if needed
  6. Ample fluorescent lighting is included, and we can also add clear PVS sides  and roof panels to further brighten the space

If you are looking for a quick temporary solution, look no further.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a site meeting and discuss your needs. We have helped the Western Cape Health Department when they needed field hospitals to fight COVID-19 and we can help you with your one-stop social distancing exam space solution!


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