5 Places you didn’t consider when hosting an event in a marquee or tent

Created on Friday, 10 Jan 2020 14:43:25

5 Places you didn’t consider when hosting an event in a marquee or tent

In order to host a successful event in a marquee or tent there are a few things to consider. Space would be one of them. 

When you need to hire a marquee, you might think that you would need a huge lawn, right? Wrong!

There are ways around everything, and this is one of those things.

 See below a list of unexpected places to host an event in a marquee or tent:


5 Place to build a marquee or tent for an event:

  1. The Tennis court – yep! We can build a marquee over a tennis court without ruining the turf! So if you have a tennis court you can host an event in a marquee for up to 600 guests. There are a few things we recommend we do in order to keep the turf from getting damaged.

  2. Swimming Pools are another place that we can build a marquee or tent over. We would need to build floor over the pool first, but it’s a great space saving solution.

  3. Tiered or sloped gardens, our level decking system allows us to build on practically any surface and elevation. On top of this decking system, we lock-in our marquee into position.  So we can build on severely uneven land and still have a perfect space to host an event.

  4. Parking lots – even if that have lamps poles! If there is enough space we can totally avoid them or we can position the marquee so that the lamp poles fit within the marquee, and if that is not possible, we are able to customize our roof to accommodate a light pole. Anything is possible

  5. Roof Top parking garages, a great example is on Level 8 of Sandton City where we hosted the SA Fashion Week last year. We build a beautiful double volume arcum marquee which housed the fashion shows runway.

Let Chattels help you figure out what is possible with the spaces available to you.

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